The Beginning of the End series



17-year old River is just trying to get through Raider practice on a  blazing hot Friday afternoon. She has no way of knowing that life as  she knows it, is fixing to explode into violence. Taken from her life in  Douglasville, Georgia, River is forced into a dangerous, but beautiful,  self-sustaining-power-filled-live-in-the-trees-like-Robin-Hood Fair  world that has been impatiently awaiting her return.  


Only a month has passed since River's world was turned  upside down. After a shocking, bloody battle that claims three lives,  River is left dealing with the heavy consequences. When the painful  secrets of the long dead past threaten to drown her in a sea of  darkness, River has to make a terrible choice. Will she accept her fate  or will she turn her back on the ones that need her the most? 

(Just to  tell you how intense FATE is, she takes place over THIRTEEN days.)


Well, her title is a secret. Once you have FATE in  your greedy little hands, you'll understand why. This book is going to  break your fucking heart. You thought you knew River's pain, you thought  you felt her heartache but you haven't seen ANYTHING yet. 

Many blessings & cursing, whichever you have coming for you...and as always, your devote Witch.