Blessings & Curses

image1 one...The Beginning.

River's secret life is coming back for her...the one she doesn't know anything about!

Ever since seventeen-year old River can remember, she’s always had the real sense that she is in the wrong place—that she is wrong. Because of this, she battles a constant restlessness that consumes her. Running is the only thing that helps. 

Another reason, she knows she’s wrong? 

She can see the light around a person. Everyone gives off energy and somehow, River can see a bit if it. She knows when someone’s good or bad.  She just doesn’t know what a blurry light means, like the light around the creepy new kid, Wicked. 

Upon seeing him, something inside her breaks open; a crack along some forgotten wall that frees a painful wave of raw emotion and faint visions. And emerald-eyed boy that River doesn’t remember, but knows she should.  

After Wicked reveals his violent, supernatural side, River’s world explodes and everything she thought was real, fades away. Taken from her life in Georgia, River is forced into the dangerous, but beautiful, self-sustaining-power-filled-live-in-the-trees-like-Robin-Hood Fair world that has been impatiently awaiting her return.  

Ryen Lesli

RIVER by Ryen Lesli