RIVER is coming into the light...6/14/19

the Haven


the Witch

ryen lesli bleeds twisted YA/NA fantasy, along with dark and violent poetry. The exquisite pain of ripping her own heart out, again and again...is only matched by the taste of someone else's tears. She wants you to fall in love with her characters just so she can break your fragile heart. 

wicked poetry

Where once he roamed freely, his cruel words cast him from the Haven;  the burning lands of the Witch. Deprived of her fiery touch, forced from  her dark spirit, she is nothing more than a fantasy...a land of make  believe. 

A Witch went to Earth; a forbidden place where bitter women fought to  emasculate their men. With the promise of a new technology that would  turn their men into slaves, they welcomed her. She turned the men into  women, and the women, into Warriors. 

Self-righteous men. Judge others guilty. Unless proven innocent. Praying to a false god. They sacrifice their children. To a pretty book. The Witch will see you in hell. Where you'll pray to me instead. On your knees. Like the cucked little bitch. You truly are. 

the Wolf

The coming blood moon.
Was a wicked promise.
Of the restless Wolf.
Trapped within the Witch.
Her beautiful spirit master.
Born of raw lust and bloodstone.
Tonight, she becomes.
His gilded throne.